Friday, July 26, 2013

Cracking the Coconut Code

You may have already noticed I use a lot of coconut in my baking. Any objections?  Didn't think so. Coconut is the perfect ingredient to sweeten up your recipes. I love buying unsweetened coconut strips from Trader Joes to have as a little snack after a meal. Being the coco-nut that I am, I have been spoiled here in Hawaii. 

I arrived in Maui yesterday and was driving to my hotel when I spotted the absolute cutest fresh coconut stand. I ordered Sal (my dad) to stop the car at once... and am I glad I did! A pile of fresh, whole coconuts laid there... waiting for me. One coconut please. Cha Ching. I was one happy lady. The store owner first drilled a hole into the coconut so, I could drink the water. Mmm...mmm...good! It didn't taste like anything you find in the store. Now, time for the oh so good...too good to be true...coconut meat. He took back the coconut, grabbed an ax, and split it in half. Time to dig in!

According to the Coconut Research Center, coconuts are high in fiber, vitamins and minerals. Around the world, coconut is used to treat a variety of health conditions and diseases, like asthma and influenza. Stock up on coconut strips for a snack, blend into a smoothie, slice onto a salad, or mix into cookies for a sweet summer treat.

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