Thursday, July 25, 2013

Hanging loose in Hawaii

Aloha! White sand beaches, clear blue oceans, palm trees, and ohama (family). I'm in paradise! If you're looking to hang loose and leave all your worries behind, Hawaii is the place to be. The Hawaiian culture is focused on the many meanings of "aloha"- greetings, love, enjoying life, laying back, and having fun.

Not only do the people of Hawaii know how to have a good time, but they know good food too. I discovered this after visiting a luau in Honolulu which consisted of a pig roast, dancing, and talking story. This was my kind of party. The night started off with freshly sliced pineapple. A buffet-style dinner included roasted pig, chicken, poi (a potato paste), haupia (a coconut milk jell-o), and mixed vegetables. Everything was delicious! Most other nights, my dinner of choice was ahi tuna. The tuna was either served raw or seared in a sesame seed teriyaki sauce. It got better and better at each restaurant I dined in.  Is it obvious I couldn't get enough? 

What I love most about Hawaiian culture is that the natives know how to kick back and relax. Back home in New York, we are always on the move. Not even speeding taxis or city buses can slow us down. Here in Hawaii, "we get there when we get there."  People sit and talk to each other  without an agenda in mind. They savor their meals and accept the traffic...since there is only one freeway on the island. Life is precious and theirs to enjoy. I spoke with a man who's job is to sit on the beach and organize sail boat rides. He moved to Hawaii 10 years ago, had made little money since, and is the happiest he's ever been in his life. This conversation really put things into perspective. 

So, my advice to you all when life gets stressful and just too much to handle is sit back, relax, take in each breath, smile with your loved ones, enjoy life, and hang loose. 


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