Tuesday, August 6, 2013

New Weekly Post: Restaurant Reviews

Hey guys! Sorry it’s been a little while! Anyways, I thought of this great idea.  Here, in Highland Park, Los Angeles I am in the midst of a growing community.  Between Highland Park and its neighboring towns, Eagle Rock and Pasadena, there are more options, more opportunities, and more freedom! Like, the option to choose something meatless, or the opportunity to try something new, and the freedom to eat whatever you want!  Do you see where I’m going with this? This community is filled with American, ethnic, vegan and vegetarian restaurants.  There are a variety of cuisines on every corner.  So, this is where my great idea comes in…

Each week a restaurant review will be featured on Noms McGee.  We will travel around the world together by eating GOOD food. Good, healthy food that is. The first restaurant I will write about is called, Green Earth, Vegan Cuisine. I will be visiting this restaurant tonight with a camera and notepad in hand. The menu is really exceptional.  Have you ever had “quinoa sushi”? I know you’re just as excited to try it as I am. The main course section of the menu includes the “rice corner,” “pasta lovers,” and “burgers and sandwiches.”  All of which are made of meatless ingredients such as, chick’un breasts, soy steak strips, soy patties, and tofu.  I am the absolute worst at making decisions whenever I go out to eat.  With so many options on this menu I better warn the servers.

I want to extend this opportunity out to all of you. If you live in the Los Angeles area and have any recommendations send me a shout out or if you have any restaurants featuring good, wholesome food in your neighborhood, go ahead and write about it.  Send me an email or comment with your ideas and I will have the pleasure of posting your review right here on Noms McGee.  

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