Thursday, April 30, 2015

Best of Times & Tastiest of Treats [APRIL 2015]

Good Morning!

So, I decided I wanted to share more of my experiences on this roller coaster called life with you. Each month, I will be posting brief summaries of my favorite moments/meals/stories/jokes/whatever it may be right here. Starting with this pretty plate ...

This Eat Your Veggies Bowl from Laughing Planet

This #RD2BE gets serious cravings for veggies. I get nightmares if I haven't consumed several hefty servings.  This particular day was just one of those days the veggies weren't flowing into my belly and I was in dire need of a veggie fix. Visiting Laughing Planet for this veggie bowl was the best thing I could do since they are just as serious about serving vegetables as I am eating them.

A weekend spent at the Oregon Vineyards

As passionate as I am for food, there is something "fermenting" inside me that's just dying to learn more about wine. There is something so classy and sophisticated about having a glass of wine with dinner. I am not calling myself a wine snob, but my taste buds are slowly learning what a nice glass of wine ought to taste like. I am finding myself more and more curious about different varietals and food pairings. This just sounds so fun! One day, I will be a sommelier! 

A step in the right direction at Tryon State Park

Training for the Foot Traffic Flat half marathon on Sauvie Island on July 4th has begun! I am increasing the mileage every week and I'm pretty sure one these days my feet might just fall off. BUT I am sticking to a workout routine and feeling great! Here you can find me on a lengthy trail run. 

A fresh take on pasta at a new neighborhood restaurant

Oh, yes... it is open. Oak & Olive, a new Italian restaurant in the quaint little town of Hillsdale has opened its doors to the community. I can't tell you how nice it is to finally have a true Italian restaurant nearby. Portland has some of the best food I've ever had in my life, but Italian hasn't it made it to my list until this little cutie. The menu consists of homemade pasta and pizza dough, fresh salads, osso bucco, and pork tenderloin. The agnolotti, fresh pasta stuffed with ricotta and spinach, and topped with cherry tomatoes deserves two thumbs up!

FRIENDS ---> please share some of your favorite things {in the comment box} this month!

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