Saturday, December 21, 2013

{Recipe Redux} Celery, Yogurt, & Walnut Sticks

Hi everyone! This month's Recipe Redux theme was right on target for the New Year. Members were put up to the challenge to create a recipe signifying "Good Luck Foods." A little bit of luck is exactly what you need when starting your New Year's resolutions off right! Whether it's cutting something out or incorporating something new, it all comes down to maintaining a year of good health. My New Year's resolution is to be more mindful in all aspects of life - emotionally, physically, mentally, and socially.

My great grandmother was the inspiration behind this recipe. Her staple dish was celery, with a cream cheese spread, topped with chopped walnuts. Since she passed, my family has carried on the tradition. During the holidays, this dish will always be served as an appetizer to share with family and friends. So, here's a little luck from my family to yours!

Celery, Yogurt, & Walnut Sticks
This dish is perfect for a light appetizer or snack. Not to mention, it's incredibly quick and easy to prepare. It's a great alternative for kids who aren't so keen on plain celery, as well. You can substitute the yogurt for a low-fat cream cheese or peanut butter, if preferred.


6 celery stalks
1 cup Greek yogurt
3/4 cup chopped walnuts


1. Wash the celery stalks and cut in halves.
2. Evenly spread and fill the crevices of the celery stalks with yogurt.
3. Top with chopped walnuts!

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